Are AC Tune-Ups Worth It?

Booking annual AC maintenance is useful.

Tune-ups keep your air conditioner unit in Daytona Beach operating at peak performance while keeping utility needs down. It also might even help prolong its life cycle.

While there are several tasks you can finish by yourself, you should hire Experts, like the ones at All American Air Service Experts, for AC checks and service.

Here are a few steps you can do alone as you prepare for cooling season.

Get Your AC Checkup Scheduled

Spring is a time of renewal, and to many that involves a big portion of house, garage and yard cleaning. With the warmer temperatures right around the corner, it’s also a great idea to include AC checkups on that listing.

Spring is the best season to get your cooling equipment cleaned and inspected. Hesitating to turn it on until the first warm day of the year can be dicey. If you need service or a new unit, you could be waiting awhile for an appointment. And that can get extremely uncomfortable.

And for people with allergies, being well prepared with a clean air conditioning system will help provide the best indoor air quality during pollen season.

Additionally, air conditioner service may be a requirement for your unit’s manufacturer warranty or any additional extended warranty.

Can I Complete Maintenance Myself?

There are steps that you can do to help keep your air conditioner unit in the top state:

  • Put in a new air filter advises each month or two. This is especially crucial if you have been diagnosed with allergies or have a cat in your house.
  • Lawn maintenance near the exterior condenser. Make sure there’s no grass, weeds or bushes by your AC unit. We advise keeping 2–3 feet of open area. You should also remove any leaves or sticks that have collected inside your system, because this might block airflow.

Let the Professionals Manage the Rest

What’s left to do? If you get in touch with All American Air Service Experts at 386-310-2061, the first thing we could do is compliment you for all the tasks you’ve already completed. Then our Experts get down to the nitty gritty. We’ll examine your equipment and make sure it’s working correctly with these steps:

  • Adjusting electrical connections to provide safe operation.
  • Lubrication to keep moving components working effortlessly and potentially avoid problems.
  • Rinsing the condensate drain line to remove leak-inducing mold and clogs.
  • Aligning coil fins to stop reduced airflow.
  • Freshening the outdoor coil to get rid of any blockage from dirt and vegetation.
  • Examining controls to make sure your equipment is turning on, operating and shutting off like it should.
  • Analyzing the operating temperature parameters to establish your unit has the proper refrigeration charge.

If we find troubles that require additional action, we are prepared to offer you the most economical option. Finding potential problems promptly can solve larger problems later. This also provides you time to strategize if your air conditioner is aging.

When you need a new air conditioner to help make your new unit fit your budget. Regardless of what your AC needs are, you can feel good knowing our Experts will take care of you.

Ready to book your tune-up? Give us a call at 386-310-2061 or schedule an appointment online right away.

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